Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire and smoke can quickly destroy property to the extent that not much else can. It can put the structural safety of your home or commercial property in question and obliterate documents, pictures, and other important items. Besides the inconvenience of having to deal with the aftermath of a property fire, there is also an intensely stressful emotional aspect of the restoration process. Our team at Certified Water Damage Inc. understands that you and your loved ones are going through a difficult time. You can trust that we will provide caring, immediate services to your home.

Tackling Fire & Smoke Damage

Though many belongings and memories may have been lost in a fire, our property restoration specialists promise quality work and prompt service to ensure your property mitigated. Our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and will go to great lengths to ensure your home or commercial building is a safe, healthy environment again.

Fire Damage: Fire causes great losses, but even greater damage may be caused by secondary damages: water damage due to firefighters’ efforts, rain flooding the premises through the damaged roof, smoke and soot damage to the property in parts of the building that were not even affected by the fire. Immediate fire damage restoration is necessary for the best possible recovery from an unfortunate event.

Smoke Damage: Smoke may be just as serious as damage caused by the flames from a fire. Smoke and soot penetrate deep into carpets and upholstery and reside on all surfaces causing corrosion and permanent discoloration. The result is a need for smoke damage cleaning and smoke deodorization.

Don’t attempt the cleaning process yourself, since oily residue left behind from the fire is difficult to clean. To completely remove the smoke smell, you need the correct equipment and knowledge. For this task, we highly recommend enlisting the help of Certified Water Damage Inc. We have the expertise & IICRC training to clean fire & smoke damages.

Certified Water Damage Inc. provides fire damage restoration services thought-out San Diego, CA and surrounding Counties, 24/7.

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